You have gone through menopause and now on the other side, you no longer have to worry about period and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). So now is the time to celebrate the new life of an energetic and independent older woman.

This is now your “me time” by focusing on your health, concentrating on small achievable changes, tackling your bad habits such as eating and drinking just anything.

Give yourself a brain workout, learn something new such as learning a new language or acquiring a new skill. If you are a career woman focus on your career or you might want to change career.

See this new phase of life as a chance to put yourself on the centre stage. Following your passions will open new doors and give you the chance to meet new people.

Put yourself forward as a mentor to younger women. Let them benefit from the value of your wisdom and experience Click To Tweet

Value your age. Younger women are quick to act and sometimes make mistakes. Put yourself forward as a mentor to them and this will prove to you and everyone around you the value of wisdom and experience.

With a positive mental attitude and good self-care, it’s possible for these years to be some of the most active and healthy years of your life.

When there is life there is still hope.