Walking is free and it is simply one of the best ways to keep healthy. It strengthens our bones, boosts our moods and helps our general well-being. You can do it anywhere at your own time.

Walking is free and it is simply one of the best ways to keep healthy. Click To Tweet

Some of the benefits of walking are:

  • It is effective in fighting some diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and depression.
  • It helps boost our energy; we feel alert after walking without feeling fatigue afterwards.
  • Women who walk as a form of exercise during menopause found out that it lessens the symptoms related to anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Research has shown that people suffering from depression feel better after going for a few minutes’ walk.
  • As well as burning some calories per hour, depending on your weight, a brisk walk of fifteen minute cuts off the amount of sweet things you have eaten. So walking can cut down your cravings.
  • Studies have shown that movement increases our blood circulation which helps to nourish our brain. Poor circulation of blood into the brain can cause the death of some brain cells. The more one moves around, the more blood circulates throughout the brain which means a better supply of nutrients which are critical for the brain to function.
Walking helps boost your energy, keeps you sharp and increases your life span. Click To Tweet

It is not too late to start walking as an exercise and make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes.