It is true that you are retired and have stopped working actively. However, you are still young at heart, depending on how you see yourself after being retired.

Although you are young at heart, you may be lagging behind by failing to keep up with technology. And most retired people are not even aware of how far behind they are in this area.

Not intentionally trying or willing to learn and understand any form of technology is equivalent to using our grandmothers’ glasses, wigs under head ties, and orthopedic sandals.

We cannot stop the aging process; it is inevitable. But our disposition to technology is a choice that we have to be intentional about.

Learning and understanding technology does not mean you must know how to use all the apps and social media platforms. Rather, it is about learning how to use the ones that will make life easier for you. You can learn to use those that will open you to a whole world of possibilities.

One of the benefits you get from learning to use technology is to improve your interactions with younger people. As a result, your loved ones will feel more connected to you and stop seeing you as old. Technology will help you learn to speak their language.

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Opening a whole new world of possibilities by using the various types of technology available to you will reduce your age by some years. It may seem a bit tricky at first but at the end of the day, you will thank yourself for making the effort.

In conclusion, you are never too old to open a new whole life of possibilities for yourself and it does not matter that you have stopped working.