People enter the retirement phase of their lives as singles for different reasons, such as widowhood, divorce, or the fact that they were never married. However, retiring as a single can be scary, especially because society emphasizes retiring as a couple more than as a single. Thus, there is tons of advice for people retiring as a couple, which does not necessarily work for a single retiree.

There is also the inherent fear of living your sunset years in solitude and loneliness because you do not have someone with whom you can share those years. However, retiring alone is not a bad thing. In fact, it has some exciting benefits and can be an excellent opportunity to learn new things, explore new passions, and meet new people. Some of the benefits of retiring as a single are:

  • You have more financial security because your living expenses are generally lower, and you have more opportunities to save.
  • You have more free time, as you are not responsible for anyone else
  • You are free to make choices at the drop of a hat because you don’t have to consider other people’s opinions before making decisions.

These said, it is crucial to emphasize that retiring as a single is not a walk in the park, and there are several benefits retired couples enjoy which are not available to single retirees. However, with proper planning and concerted efforts, a single retiree can make the most of their sunset years and enjoy every bit of that period. Therefore, we have curated the following tips to help you successfully navigate your retirement years as a single.

Tips for retiring as a single person with ease.

The following tips will make it easier for you manage your retirement years better and have an enjoyable time of it.

Have a solid plan for your finances.

This is the most crucial, as it lays a foundation for every other thing, and because you are retiring as a single, you do not have the same cushion as a retired couple, who have the potential of two incomes with which to work. Thus, it would be best to plan your finances proactively. Get appropriate education and work with a financial planner where necessary. Also, ensure that you live within your means, keeping in mind that you still have a long way to go.

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Find a hobby that interests you.

Your retirement period is a great time to pick up a new hobby like painting, writing, learning to play a new instrument, dancing, walking, gardening, playing games, etc. The fact is there is a world of limitless opportunities for you to explore, and as a retiree, you have plenty of time to amuse yourself with different things.

Join a club or volunteer at an organization.

There are several clubs and organizations that would greatly benefit from your wealth of wisdom and experience as a senior citizen. Find one that resonates with you and aligns with your personal values, and plug in. Ensure that you participate in every activity, but do not overdo it. It would not be wise to make yourself sick by being involved in too many activities.

Pay special attention to your health.

Go for regular medical checkups, take all prescribed medications, keep a healthy diet, and ensure you remain active. Do everything within your power to stay healthy because it can be a hassle getting to the doctor when you are ill, especially as you are going it alone.

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Give back to your community.

Finding mentoring opportunities in your community is a great way to maximize your golden years and give back to your community. There is a sense of belonging, vitality and general well-being that comes with making an impact in the lives of younger people.

Have a robust support system

Everyone needs valuable friendships – people they can count on to be there for them in times of need. Also, research has shown that maintaining healthy relationships acts as a health booster. So as a single retiree, you must make sure that you have a few people you can count on and carefully identify one or two individuals who can be your go-to in an emergency.


Retiring as a single person can seem daunting, but with adequate planning, your retirement years can be the best of your life.