There is something inside us that has been troubling us. It controls our thoughts and has made us lose a lot of good relationships and opportunities. Perhaps it has even made us stagnant. This thing is what we call feelings.

Your thoughts and feelings can kill the champion in you if they are not controlled. Click To Tweet

Feeling can come in the form of a sensation, awareness, and pain. It is a medium through which ideas are conveyed and an internal voice that speaks negative or positive things into our minds. Neglecting to control our thoughts and feelings can lead to the following things:

  • Affect our progress in life
  • It causes people to give up at the slightest excuse
  • It can lead to discouragement
  • It can make us feel unwanted and neglected
  • It brings negative thoughts and makes us tend to blame others
  • It has a way of disrupting peace and happiness.
  • It also has a way of making us feel unworthy
  • The voice of feeling can kill the champion inside of us if we are not careful
  • It can put you in fear of disease or fear of dying.

Your feelings if allowed to wander around can lie to you because they are like broken glasses that can distort everything that you are looking at. Do not dwell on your imperfections, be careful of your moods and feelings because they have an unbroken connection.

Negative thoughts and feelings are like broken glass that can distort your entire perspective. Click To Tweet

One of the highest things we can achieve on our aging journey is to take proper control of our thoughts and feelings.