I started my journey as a senior citizen with the thinking that this is the time I had nothing new to offer and I am no longer seen or valued by those around me. But along the line, it dawned on me that I am as visible as I choose to be and that I don’t have to compete with the young gorgeous women. All I need to shine in my own way is to love people and show interest in them.

I also felt that this is the time when I had to admit that I didn’t really need to try and keep up with all the changes especially with technology, but then I discovered blogging which brought with it the gift of positivity that I never expected.

You don’t have to compete with anyone else. All you need to shine in your own way is to love people and show interest in them. Click To Tweet

When I started blogging I realized that there are many women above the age of 50 online sharing their lives and interests, they were living their lives and also engaging lives. Some are still working, some are semi- retired and others are retired but they are all happy living their lives on their own terms. Connecting with these women opened my eyes to the fact that I still have a lot to offer and that I can still make the difference.

A lot of us stop living because our children are all grown and have gone to live their lives. The secret to having a happy empty nest is to look at it from a positive perspective; it gives us the time to reconnect with our family, friends and loved ones, to enjoy our freedom and to rediscover ourselves. Sitting around and feeling sorry for ourselves isn’t going to achieve anything other than a miserable face that nobody wants to see.

Stop trying to be who others think you should be, just to keep them happy. Live your authentic life and be a positive influence! Click To Tweet

To many women, midlife is the beginning of the end. I was heading in that direction until I opened my eyes to all the positive things that have come my way. I am discovering who I truly am as a person and not who I think I should be to keep other people happy. No bitterness or envy is going to get into my life because I am going to keep being positive.

In this new year embrace being positive and you will experience a different version of yourself this year.

I wish you a happy and prosperous new year.