One of the essential components of life after retirement is love which can be defined as love for self and love in personal relationships. You deserve love as much as anyone around you, but the mystery is that you cannot love another person if you don’t first love yourself. So, self-love is very important.

Self-love can be described as having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness, it also means not settling for less than you deserve.

You deserve love as much as anyone around you. You cannot truly love anyone else if you don't love yourself. Click To Tweet

Let us look at some of the elements of self-love:

  • You do not need to settle for less than you deserve after retirement. Let go of all your negative past experiences and old stories that you keep replaying in your mind. Change your thinking to one of self-worth.
  • Yes, you don’t have anywhere to go because you have stopped working, you can still look in the mirror every morning and appreciate yourself. Saying positive affirmations out loud every day is a very effective way to change the way you think about yourself.
  • Sometimes the messages we receive as retirees often spark a sense of worthlessness in us. When this happens always remind yourself that you are a unique person and that you are the only one that can bring your unique gifts into the world. So no matter what happens, always be proud of who you are.

In this season of love even if you do not have anybody to celebrate you, celebrate yourself. Tell yourself that you love yourself no matter what, buy gifts for yourself and hug yourself. You need not wait for anybody to come and celebrate you.