Life is full of compromises and exchanges. As a mother, I chose to exchange my time, energy and talents for the benefits of my lovely children. I have no regrets and I look back to active mothering with great love.

My children are all grown up now, my house is quieter and instead of coming home to noise and chaos, I come home to myself. Are you at this point in life? Then it is now time to come home to yourself and to reignite your interest and passions. When I was a child I spent most of my free time playing with stuffed animals, reading and writing short stories.

The first Saturday in this year 2020 I was with four of my friends, just gisting and being happy. Along the line we started discussing our old age journey and what we are going to do after retirement. One of my friends remembered that she did home economics when she was at secondary school and how she liked knitting. There and then, she planned to buy herself a pair of knitting pins and start knitting even before she retires.

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Another one of us shared how her mum, who is 85 years old, teaches women in her church and community how to bake cake and make puff-puff which they sell to make money.

I also have a cousin whose mum was a seamstress. As a child, my cousin used to attach buttons and trimmings to dresses. After her retirement she has gone back to making dresses and has turned it into a big business by having her own clothing label.

When you were a child, what were the things you enjoyed?

Life after motherhood can be wonderful. If you think back on what your passions were when you were a child, you might find a clue for your next adventure in life.