Now that you are retired, you have a lot of free time to do what you want. This will also be a very good time to discover what gives you joy and fulfillment by finding what you love to do at your own time and schedule. Look back at things you have always wanted to do and channel your energy into them.

You can rediscover yourself in retirement and find out what you love to do by following these simple guidelines:

1. Find something you love to do on your own; you may earn some amount of money from it or not. The fact that you can provide a product or service that people need will add more value to you and improve how you feel about yourself because of the impact you are making.

2. Create a journal in which you start jotting down your ideas. Then carefully analyze all the available options. Once you’ve decided on what to do, start talking with people about it. Social media is also a good place to talk about your ideas because communication and visibility will help you to refine your ideas and enhance the value of anything you want to do instead of doing it all on your own. No matter how good you are at a thing, people need to know you, like you, and trust you to patronize you. To this end, communication and visibility will help you build the required awareness and credibility.

3. In the event that doing something on your own is not for you, you could volunteer somewhere, or do some part-time work. For example, you could work for your church, or an NGO. These organizations are known to often find jobs for retirees.

Discovering something you truly love to do and defining it your way will add a lot of value to your life after retirement.