Studies have shown that the bigger the smile, the more likely for one to score high on health, longevity, being happy, and being a source of happiness to people around us. So, to be happy, it is very important that we make it a habit to smile every time.

Smiling is so powerful that it can help us to age gracefully and look younger than our age. When you look at babies you will see that they always have a smile on their faces except when their panties are wet, when they are hungry, or when they want to sleep. This shows that we have the inborn ability to smile even when things do not go the way we expect them to go. So, as often as possible, we should allow ourselves to smile, and the smile should come from within us.

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There are plenty of reasons to make it a habit to smile every time. Some of the reasons are.

  • Sleeping and waking up this morning, this is the gift of LIFE.
  • You dressed yourself up in the outfit you chose yourself, you didn’t need the help of anybody to dress you up.
  • You fed yourself, nobody fed you.
  • The sun came up and you saw it with your two eyes.
  • Your two legs can walk.
  • God made you a channel of blessing to others.

The bottom line is that we should appreciate every blessing of life no matter how small they are, by focusing on our present moment and not on what happened yesterday and the likelihood of what is going to happen tomorrow.