The benefits of organic food have continued to gain attention as one of the important factors that facilitate healthy living. Foods that are described as organic are made from crops that are grown without the use of chemicals such as synthetic pesticides, GMOs or petroleum based fertilizers. The crops are grown with natural fertilizers and because of this, they have more nutrients

Benefits of organic food

Most commercially grown crops are full of chemicals used to expedite their growth process, and research has linked many of these chemicals to some health implications

Organic crops that are not grown with chemicals are always full of nutrients – minerals, vitamins and enzymes – which are good for the body.

Eating organic food is very important to our general well-being as we start our aging journey because it will help boost our energy levels, increase our resistance to sickness and it can also be the key to positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced.

You can enjoy fresh and tasty organic food by planting your own vegetables, spices and herbs at home. Let me show you how. Click To Tweet

Healthy eating is not only about dieting, rather should be enjoying fresh and tasty organic food and you can achieve this by planting your own vegetables, spices and herbs at home. You may be thinking that you don’t have the space to plant the vegetables. This should not be a problem because you can plant them inside various sizes of flowerpots or buckets and put them in your backyard or balcony if you have one.

Let’s get our hands dirty as we start to plant our own herbs and vegetables.