Do you see your set of teeth as part of your make-up? Paying attention to our primary oral care as we age can help us feel more attractive and younger.

As we age, our gums get softer, which could lead to different health problems. It is therefore important to make our oral care a priority because the moment one tooth is out of place, our wrinkled face takes a new shape to the extent that we may not recognize ourselves in the mirror.

These are some tips to ensure that our oral health is well taken care of.

  • One of the most important steps in taking care of our teeth is our cleaning regime. Regularly brushing our teeth twice daily as well as rinsing them with a very good mouthwash once a day will help our oral health.
  • We can also reduce the risk of having oral issues by trying to reduce some of our bad habits. These include eating sugary things, smoking, and alcohol consumption.
  • If we really need to use a toothpick, it is advisable to use the floss instead of using a wooden or plastic toothpick because flossing helps to remove plaque and tatar buildup from in-between the teeth.

As we age it is inevitable that our teeth experience some form of wear and tear. It is therefore very important that we do not ignore these red flags such as a loose tooth, sore gums, or any other recurring problems.

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Rather than self-treatment, it is advisable to visit the dentist as this will help treat and prevent unwanted issues showing up as we age.