No matter how old we are, it’s never too late to get the benefits of regular exercises even if you have never ever done any exercise in your life, you are on a wheelchair or using a walking stick.

However there are some provisos:

  • While it is true that we can all benefit tremendously from regular exercises such as just walking for 15 minutes round the block, the 25 inches waistline you and I may have sported in our youth may not come back. It might be due to the bodies which we have used in many cases to carry and deliver one or two children.
  • It’s not really about age but our health. The focus is on our ability to live a good and healthy life underscored by a better level of fitness.
Keeping fit is not just for the young; it is never ever too late to discover the joy that movement gives us. Click To Tweet

The internet is full of stories of women who took up running, bodybuilding or other exercises at or near 60 or later and transformed themselves. The point is to get up and get out; keeping fit is not just for the young.

As fit as I feel that I am, I still have boobs under my arms that weren’t there 10 years ago; it’s part of the price we have to pay for aging.

Having a good laugh at what life throws at our bodies is part of what life mastery looks like. It’s not about being slim or becoming a later-in-life sports woman or man. It’s about reclaiming your birthright to be happy and energetic at any age, and to have the best possible life we can imagine.

Movement gives us life, it is never ever too late to discover the joy that movement gives us.