As we age, especially when we are experiencing underlying health conditions, we tend to overthink and worry about many things, which can lead to anxiety. This then becomes a breeding ground for a negative mindset, causing us to experience limiting beliefs such as: “I can’t do this because I am too old”.

The good news is that we can change this negative mindset and train our minds to achieve great goals. If you would like to adopt a positive mindset, take the following steps to get started.

  • The first step is to dig deep to identify the reasons for the negative mindset. Something must have triggered it. Sit down and think through every area of your life to identify the source. For example, you might trace it to financial problems, health issues, and sometimes marital problems.
  • Before retiring, you had achieved great things, even when life showed up. Go down memory lane and try to remember what kept you going then.
  • Changing your mindset from negative to positive requires adopting some daily disciplines. One of these disciplines is developing a morning routine that helps you start your day right. As soon as you wake up, write down the thoughts that you want your mind to feed on for the rest of the day. This will stop your mind from running riot.
  • Be focused and spend your time visualising what you want to achieve. Don’t just see it in your mind, practise it.
  • Gratitude is one of the most powerful qualities in life. Whatever happens to you, be thankful because this is a very important step towards changing your mindset. Having a gratitude journal will help you to control what is going on in your mind.

It is not very easy to change your mindset, especially when you are experiencing so much stress, pain, and anxiety. Nevertheless, you must keep striving to have a positive mindset because this will help your physical and mental health to a large extent. 

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For example, if on a daily basis, you are always saying “ I have headache”, the headache will not go away even if you take the strongest medication because what you are saying will go into your subconscious and affect your mindset.

So let’s be intentional about maintaining a positive mindset. The temptation to slip into a negative mindset will show up from time to time, especially as a result of the things we are going through, but the onus is on us to force it out and replace it with a positive mindset.