Conditions such as depression, memory loss, anxiety and other mental issues can have negative effects on the health of the elderly. The brain needs stimulation to stay sharp as we go on our aging journey.

There are various activities that can keep your mind engaged as an elderly person, while also contributing to the wellbeing of your brain. Such activities include:
• Volunteering for a worthy cause. This can help you to still remain active and socially engaged even after retirement.
• Music stimulates the brain and improves our memory. You can learn to play any instrument at any age. I just started learning how to play an instrument called the French Horn in February 2019.
• Learning a new language also exercises the regions of the brain often affected by aging. Retirement is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby.
• Challenging your brain by playing puzzles and games have multiple benefits on your brain.
• Staying active and getting enough exercise is very important for our wellbeing. Exercising also helps to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

We can learn how to connect with our family and friends on Skype, Facetime or any social media platform. This can help us to put off loneliness and feelings of isolation which can lead to various mental issues.

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In Africa where I come from, mental health problems are sometimes associated with witchcraft or curses rather than something that can be treated or managed medically. And because of the fear of being called a witch, people do not seek medical help for these types of health conditions, they would rather conceal it within their family.

It is important to address this issue of needless stigmatization and encourage people to pay attention to their mental health.