We now live in a society where women are working well beyond their 50’s and 60’s. This means that women of menopausal age form part of the workforce.

However many of them feel ashamed or embarrassed to let their colleagues or employers know what they are going through as a result of menopause. For example, they could be experiencing loss of memory, palpitation, aching joints, lack of concentration, headaches and other health issues.

I think that the time has come when we as women should be vocal about the “M-word” because it is important to start raising awareness about menopause if we want our family members, colleagues at work and employer to give us the support we need at that period. When going through menopause we should get the same support as in any other health issue.

So many women have considered leaving their jobs because they couldn’t deal with what they are going through; there is lack of education, understanding and basic treatment for menopause.

And the symptoms of menopause differ from person to person, so it is very important to raise enough awareness in order to get the needed support.

It is now time for us to have platforms and communities, for example Facebook and WhatsApp groups, where women can share their menopause stories and struggles with like minds.

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In Africa where I come from, a lot of men don’t even know what menopause is all about. If you ask them if they know anything about menopause they will ask you back: “Meno-what?” They don’t understand what you are talking about. And this is because we women find it embarrassing to discuss it with one another not to talk of discussing it with our husbands.

For us to have the right support, we as women first have to change our attitudes and start talking about menopause.