Love is the highest denomination of currency that we all need now. However, because of our upbringing and environment we have been conditioned to take care of other’s first and put ourselves last.

The moment you try to love yourself first you will be viewed as being proud and selfish, especially on Valentine’s Day which is a day dedicated to showing love.

Now that February, the month of love, is over we should cultivate the habit of loving ourselves before loving others. We have taken care of other people for so many years. It is now time to love ourselves. Loving ourselves is not selfish because it puts us in the right place to love others.

Being deliberate about loving yourself is not being selfish. You will not be in a good place to care for others if you do not consistently care for yourself. Click To Tweet

There are various things you can do to love yourself. Here are some of them:

  • Perhaps there is a dress, bag or shoe that you have had your eyes on, but you feel guilty about purchasing it. Stop feeling guilty and treat yourself if you can afford it.
  • You can write a forgiveness letter to yourself, forgiving yourself and letting go of that anger. You could then burn the letter afterwards.
  • You could also write a love letter to a very good friend, cousin, old classmate or neighbor by SMS, e-mail etc.
  • You could take yourself to the spa to pamper your body maybe once a month or once in two months depending on your wallet.
  • If you cannot really go out because of COVID-19 restrictions, rather than going out to lunch or dinner, you could order in and enjoy your meal in your relaxed space.

Finally, loving yourself has a lot of benefits but the most important one is that it instils a sense of self-worth in you and allows you to feel fulfilled without waiting for the approval of anyone.