Most of us may not be able to choose when we must retire, but we can choose how we spend the second chapter of our lives.

Getting the most from retirement is hard work, it requires us to take a hard look at ourselves and think about how we are going to find meaning in our lives. Finding meaning after we have retired requires us to look inwards and be focused. We need to define our own meaning based on our passions and values.

We may not have control over when we retire but we can determine to maximize our lives in retirement by living without fear. Click To Tweet

In most cases after retirement, we unconsciously slide into habits that can become toxic because we are afraid. For example, drinking one shot of whisky before going to bed every night becomes three shots. We now find ourselves in a rut, which makes us more fearful.

What are we actually afraid of? Is it loneliness, illness, or death? Whatever it is, we try to do everything we can to protect ourselves from this reality but this should not be the case. We have only one precious life and by taking a step at a time we can maximize the number of our encore years without fear.