We are all stuck at home because of the lockdown so as to minimize social contact in our attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This might be difficult for a lot of people who are not used to staying in one place and who easily get bored. Here are some activities that can keep you busy.

  • Reading. A lot of us who were readers when we were a bit younger are no more readers because we are too busy trying to make ends meet. Now that we are stuck at home I think this may be a perfect time to start reading again.
  • Writing is very good for the brain. You can start by just keeping a daily journal of your thoughts or what you are grateful for during this sit-at-home time.
  • You can also learn a new skill such as a new language, how to play a musical instrument, blogging, photography or any craft. You can learn any skill on YouTube. I learnt how to crochet on YouTube.
  • When some of us were young and in secondary school, we were taught how to crochet, knit, make a rug, pottery and other different crafts. We can wake up our inner man and start making all these crafts again. Making some of these crafts will help you keep your hands busy and away from your face.
  • You can also start baking and cooking all the healthy recipes that you have always wanted to make for your family.
  • You can use this sit-at-home time to develop yourself by taking a free online course. There are lots of free online courses that you can sign up for. I have taken some free online classes from Udemy and Coursera. There are various websites that offer free online courses with certification.
  • You can also play free online games such as sudoku, daily crossword puzzle, scrabble, word connect and so many other online games that will improve the health of your brain.
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