Aging is a natural process that people experience and everyone has a different aging journey. Sometimes it may seem like aging is complicated and irritating, but that isn’t true for everyone. Our aging  journey is mostly shaped by our lifestyle choices and how well we accept the ageing process.  

Studies reveals that our mental health can affect how fast we age. For instance, negative thoughts can make our brain less effective which can result in anxiety and depression, thereby speeding up our ageing process. Mental health disorders in older adults can also lead to loss of memory, inactive participation, poor quality of life, and deep sadness.

However, healthy aging can be achieved when we make choices on how to regain, maintain, and focus on thriving in our journey. Positive thinking helps us to age gracefully even during some health issues and good mental health contributes greatly to an overall feeling of well-being.

We should know that our age shouldn’t define how we choose to live life. Yes, we may experience various setbacks, and physical or health issues, but the best way to walk through the process of aging is by journeying with a positive mindset and maintaining good mental health.

Studies have also shown that when we see aging and all that comes with it as personal growth, we will enjoy a better lifestyle and age gracefully.

Therefore, if you already have negative views about your aging journey, here are some key ways to change them into positive views to grow, thrive and enjoy the process of ageing.

  1. Appreciate the whole process: aging comes naturally and you need to appreciate it as a growth process. Choose to feel good over the privilege of making it to this wonderful phase of life.
  1. Stay Positive: Positivity does not only help you maintain good mental health, but it also helps you maintain good physical health. Stay positive in your thoughts and always speak about the good things you feel.
  1. Stay around your loved ones: Staying far away from people who love and make you feel good about yourself results in loneliness. Loneliness is one of the most common struggles for older adults, and it can cause severe mental health consequences. So, surround yourself with your loved ones and people who will help you feel good about yourself every time.
  1. Seek help: Do not hesitate to seek help from a professional coach or therapist if the need arises. 

In conclusion, our aging journeys are very different but each one of us can create a beautiful and thriving journey through our choices on how to walk through the aging process. However, maintaining good mental health and a positive mindset is the best way to enjoy this wonderful journey of aging.