For many of us, our home isn’t just the place we live in but an embodiment of so many fond memories. Every room holds precious memories of our lives and our children’s at different stages of their lives. We can practically walk back in time by simply entering a room and getting an avalanche of great moments shared. This is one of the many blessings we get to enjoy in our golden years. However, there is such a thing as making our house retirement ready. We wouldn’t want a situation where the very place we want to remain in because of all the joy and happiness we experienced becomes an avenue for causing hurt and danger to us.

In addition, there are a lot of changes in us that we may not readily take note of such as loss of bone density and declining eyesight due to the aging process, hence our home, as much as we love it, if left as it is can make it very difficult and unsafe for us to continue living there except we do some renovations and make some necessary changes in the house.

Specific areas to consider making changes in are:

Bathroom: This space deserves special attention because the surfaces there might become slippery over time, and this can be very dangerous. Research has shown that falls are one of the major causes of injuries in seniors, and most of them occur in the bathroom. You can remove the bathtub to avoid climbing over the edge and into the tub to avoid falls. A non-slip mat is also a great way to prevent slipping. You can also mount grab bars to hold onto near the bathtub and toilet.They provide a lot of help in getting around the bathroom easily.

Bedroom: It is vital to increase the lighting in your bedroom as your vision gradually declines with age so it can be easy for you to see around. It is also advisable to always have a flashlight beside you in case of power outage. Most importantly, make sure you always have your phone near you at night.

Stairways: The rigor of going up and down a stairway can sometimes become very difficult as we age. Installing railings on both sides of the stairway can help you navigate easier. If you have enough room, you may also consider rearranging your house to avoid using the stairs altogether.

Kitchen: Reaching high to take things when cooking may also become challenging as time goes on. So it would be best if you considered adding more storage cabinets within easy reach.

It is paramount that you make your home a safe haven for you to live in by making the necessary changes required. Making these adjustments early can make a world of difference in retirement.