We’ve all been warned about the danger of indulging in sugary treats and the effect it can have on our health, especially as we grow older. Retired folks are vulnerable to a lot of health issues and this is why we have to take care of ourselves to improve our health.

With relation to blood sugar level, both a high blood sugar and a low blood sugar are delicate situations and are very important to note in maintaining health. High blood sugar results in an individual suffering from diabetes, while a low blood sugar results in a condition known as hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia is usually referred to as (hypo) which can occur in people with diabetes who take certain medications to treat their condition.

It happens when the blood sugar is low and when there is no balance between the food consumed and the medication used. For instance, when one delays eating, misses a meal or indulges in an unusually strenuous exercise.

Hypo can happen very quickly, so it is very important to recognize its symptoms and know how to treat them.

Some of these symptoms are:

▪ Lack of concentration
▪ Being in a confused state
▪ Feeling irritated
▪ Excessive Sweating
▪ Being unusually hungry
▪ Extreme thirst.

These symptoms can be treated by eating or drinking sweet and sugary food or drinks, although this could vary between individuals.

To conclude, hypoglycemia like other ailments, can become very dangerous when the blood sugar is too low, so it is important to check our blood sugar level as often as possible.

We don’t have to break the bank to take care of our health, the little things around us can save our life and keep us healthy. At every stage of your life, do not let a health condition get dangerous before making active plans for treatment.