Aging is a privilege, a lot of young, gorgeous and adorable people are dead. So if you are aging, you are very fortunate. What is true and will continue to be true is that aging is a privilege not given to everyone.

Gray hair is beautiful. Remarkable beauty, strength and character are hidden in the wrinkles that cover us when we start our aging journey. We must always give thanks for the privilege and beauty of growing old.

One of the important things about aging is the ability to arm yourself with dignity, grace and a sense of humour.

Living well is not given, it must be achieved. And dignity is taking care of yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically to the very best of your ability.

Grace is gratitude in action, nobody likes to be around anyone that always complains even though aging comes with a list of legitimate complaints. One of the things that I do and which has helped me, is keeping a gratitude journal. Set aside a few minutes to speak out loud about the good things of life that you are grateful for. Once you start practising this you will see that your gratitude outnumbers your complaints

Too tired to take a walk?

When you are on your aging journey you don’t have to look too far to find aching knees or blurred vision. But if you push yourself to go on that walk, you will feel a lot better about the aching knees. This is part of the grace of aging.

Keep your sense of humour close at hand, make sure you sometimes laugh at yourself like when you do such things such as groaning as you are getting up in the morning. The insults of aging can be used for laughing your way through the journey. Life is going to have its way with you, so you might as well develop a sense of humour to live with it.

Aging is a journey, a time of humbling, a time to laugh, a time to be wise and a time to remember some childhood escapes. So proceed on the journey with caution, laughter, love, grace and dignity. Say thank you as many times as you have the opportunity.