Going grey is a natural part of the aging process. Some women still find it hard to let go of their original hair colour, while there are also women who are embracing the change in their original hair colour and are going grey gracefully.

The issue of going grey is a bit emotional for some women who find it difficult to face the reality that their hair is going grey; because of this they use different methods to cover up their greying journey.

The way we think and act is what makes us look old and not the colour of our hair. In the same way that balding men often look better and younger after shaving their head than they did when their hair was thinning out, a lot of women who are going grey look prettier than their age mates who are using different methods to cover their grey hair.

It is not the colour of our hair that makes us look old. What makes us look old is the way we think and act. Click To Tweet

Women who decide to go grey gracefully are telling the whole world that “I am proud of who I am, this is me.” This is a statement of self-confidence and a way of telling the world, and more importantly themselves, that aging is not a disease.

Whatever decision you make, don’t worry about other people’s opinion about what you look like, just be yourself.

If you decide to embrace your grey hair and want it to look chic rather than drab. Here are a few tips to help you get on the right track.

  • Grey hair has the tendency to be dry. One of the best ways to combat the dullness is to stop washing with shampoo every day because the shampoo strips away moisture. So if you already have dry hair, it’s only going to make things worse. And when buying a shampoo buy the one formulated for grey hair.
  • Deep conditioning with a quality conditioner for twenty to thirty minutes at least once a week.