With all that has happened this year 2020, if you have been eating to make yourself comfortable and not because you are hungry, then you are likely to be overeating. This is called emotional eating.

Emotion can simply be defined as a feeling or sensation caused by a person’s perception about something or someone. Your feeling is connected to your thoughts. So you know that you are dealing with emotional eating when every time you feel angry, frustrated or bored, the first thing you think about is food.

The impact of emotional eating goes beyond what happens to your body, it causes you to miss the very important message that your emotion has for you. Although your brain is telling you that eating will make you feel better, this is a lie you want to believe. It is very important that you listen to the messages that your emotion is sending and receive them.

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Instead of overeating there are better ways to manage your emotions. Some of them are:

  • Managing your thoughts. Your feelings and thoughts are tied together. For example you wouldn’t be upset until you think about what somebody has said about you, but if you change the thought to a neutral or positive one rather than reacting immediately, you will feel better.
  • You can also manage your emotions by letting it run its course and accepting it. Name it and ask yourself, “What is this feeling? What is it trying to tell me?

Start practising how to manage your emotions instead of eating to store them inside your body. I know that it is a process but we will get there one day. Let’s start the process today.