As we try to feel and look young while aging gracefully, many of us may be growing old by not keeping up with technology. Many of us are falling behind on the use of technology and this makes us become old to our under-40 children and our grandchildren.

When we don’t try to learn or use new forms of technology, it makes young people feel that they cannot relate to us. They feel that we are not trying enough to understand their language. When you are having a conversation with them and they realize that you don’t know anything about technology they find a way of putting an end to the conversation, because they cannot see any connection.

It is never too late to learn the use of technology. Don't give your grandchildren the reason to say, 'Grandma is too old she doesn’t understand.' Click To Tweet

This does not mean that you have to master every new development in technology or be on every social media platform. You can simply get started by choosing to learn and understand the digital world.

This will:

  • Give you access to a new world of possibilities such as paying your bills online.
  • Help you access to lots of information especially on how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Make it easier to connect with your loved ones all over the world. Because of social distancing people now celebrate their birthdays and weddings online. They connect to their families, friends and well-wishers through Zoom. So we now have Zoom Weddings and parties.
  • Choosing to learn and understand the use of technology will really enrich your life generally.

Do you feel that it is too late in life to learn and understand the use of technology?

It is never too late to do anything if you are determined to do it. It might take some time to get round it but you will surely get there with your determination.

Do not give your grandchildren the reason to say, “Grandma is too old she doesn’t understand.”