Depression is simply our brain’s response to the internal and external pressures pushing on it. People across all ages experience depression at some point in time especially women of age 50 and above.

Throughout our lives we have been trained to be the strong ones. As mothers we wanted to make our children happy and protected. As employees we didn’t want to appear emotional or weak to our colleagues.

Now in our 50’s when we have every reason to accept ourselves with people around us, we delve into emotional struggles and hide it from family and friends behind a smile saying to ourselves that “everything is fine” and no one would know that everything is not fine.

By talking to somebody who understands depression and is willing to help; you can get rid of your emotional struggles which begins the process of your healing and self discovery. Click To Tweet

Even when you try and discuss with people very close to you, they find it difficult to believe you and are likely to say, “Even you? What else do you want God to do for you? Every woman wants to be like you.”

It’s time to gain your freedom by talking to somebody who can help you and it’s time for you to accept the real you.

Seeking for help is not a weakness, it is a sign of courage.