These are difficult times all over the world. And because of what is happening around us, we are being forced to stay at home with our families round the clock. Some husbands and wives who are not used to spending so much time with each other are experiencing serious issues.

Maintaining a healthy relationship is a bit difficult because there had been problems which should have been addressed but had been left unattended to. So, what do we do now that we have no choice but to stay with each other till only God knows when? I want to suggest some tips on how to manage your relationship during this period.

  • Create private corners; it is very important to be able to retreat to your private corner when you need to. You can also decide to go for a walk if you think that you want to be alone.
  • Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Try and talk to each other by having purposeful conversation and not just giving instructions. Also avoid talking about sensitive issues such as religion if both of you are of different religions, and discussing politics might be sensitive.
  • Show love and kindness. It is not a normal situation for everyone to be stuck at home. We should try and use this situation to know each other better and strengthen our relationship. Because of the abnormal situation there is going to be a lot of snapping at each other. Be patient with each other and try and take a deep breath before you respond to any outburst.
  • You can create activities that will involve both of you. The simplest is watching a movie together or you can play a game that is interactive. You can bring out old pictures of when you were still dating, your engagement day or your wedding day, look at them together and take a journey down memory lane through the pictures.
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The truth of life is that you cannot spend 100% of your time with one person without a bit of tension. But now that we have no choice, we need to adjust to being together and be happy. You have to make yourself happy with all the confusion going on in the world.