One of the easiest ways of incorporating coconut products into your diet is replacing all other vegetable oils, margarine or butter with coconut oil.

This is because coconut oil is primarily saturated fat which you can be sure that by consuming same, will not cause any damage to your health. Coconut oil is also great for frying, it doesn’t absorb into foods compared to other cooking oils.

Ordinarily, it is unhealthy to eat too much fried foods because most oils become toxic when fried but coconut oil does not become toxic. So using it for frying is very healthy but make sure you do not eat too much fried foods.

Coconut, both dried and fresh, is a very good source of fibre. Another way of incorporating coconut into your diet is eating the flesh of the coconut or drinking the milk. This is different from coconut water that is inside the coconut and is colourless.

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You have coconut milk when you grate the flesh of the coconut, mix it with water and then leave it for a few minutes, it is then squeezed, and the pulp is extracted, thereby leaving only the liquid.

You can drink coconut milk in any way that you prefer, you can either drink it alone or mix it with any beverage cold or hot. You can also use it to make different delicious meals such as pancakes and chicken gravy.

Research claims that coconut oil is one of the healthiest all-purpose oils available in the world today.