The bestseller drink which we have most overlooked for our general well-being is water. Water is very important to our lives and the quality of life we live. Water is life because it makes up around 70 to 78 percent of our body. It is very important for all the organs in our body to function properly.

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But as we begin to age, the percentage of water in our body begins to reduce which sometimes causes dehydration. Dehydration is when the body doesn’t have enough liquid as it should have in the cells and blood vessels. This sometimes leads to health issues such as fatigue, joint pains and some serious health problems which might lead to hospitalisation.

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Dr. Batmanghelidj carried out several researches on water and believed that chronic dehydration contributes to many modern day illnesses, and that lack of water causes the body to cry out in pain.

Unfortunately many of us are guilty of not drinking enough water, which is one of the best things for us to take as we start aging. Instead of drinking water we prefer to take different types of medications (orthodox or herbal). When we drink enough water our health improves and it reduces the amount of medications we consume on a daily basis.

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Let’s look at some benefits of drinking enough water:

  • Water improves our blood circulation which helps our general well-being.
  • It boosts our metabolism and energises us.
  • Our skin is the largest organ in our body, drinking enough water will help us to replenish the skin and make it grow.
  • Some people say it makes them look younger than their age.
  • It gives your skin elasticity.
  • It also helps to control the body temperature.
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Not all of us find it very easy to drink water, I am also guilty of not drinking enough water. One day in the gym my personal trainer told me that he has noticed that I don’t drink enough water. That made me to look for a way of drinking enough water. So what I now do is to put pieces of different fruits in my water and leave it for a few minutes to infuse thereby giving it flavour and taste.

Feel free to try this too.