Worry is part of life but when it becomes chronic, it becomes dangerous and has nothing positive to offer its victims other than fear, discouragement, stress, diseases and anxiety of the unknown. It wreaks havoc on your health because when you worry your heart rate and blood pressure go up.

Your body’s reaction to this danger is either to fight it or run away from it, and when this happens the body releases some stress hormones from the brain. One of such hormones is cortisol which is one of the very important hormones that help the body in regulating and modulating many of the changes that occur in the body in response to stress. Its long-term release will have a negative effect that disrupts your body’s processes and puts you at the risk of various health issues.

It opens your body to bacteria attacks because your immune system has been weakened by your constant worry. This could also lead to digestive problems and heart diseases.

Adrenaline is also a very important hormone which helps to fight or flee danger, but when it is excessively released due to worry and anxiety, it affects your health such as increasing the heartbeat, excessive sweating and dizziness just to mention a few.

Worry also makes the liver to produce excess cholesterol which causes serious health issues such as gastric acid, stomach ulcers, heart attack and stroke.

To stop worrying, accept the things you cannot control and look on the bright side of every situation. Click To Tweet

For you not to damage your health, you have to try and stop worrying to a dangerous level. To stop worrying you can:

  • Cast your cares and burdens on Jesus
  • Always accept what you cannot change and try and see the positive side of every situation.
  • Stop focusing on negative things that can later lead to nightmares. Uproot the negative thought before it grows out of hand.
  • Start exercising. Exercising does not only build a stronger body and strengthen the muscles, it also has great benefits on mental wellbeing.
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Worrying is a choice, don’t waste your life focusing on what you cannot control. Try to stop worrying one day at a time.