When we speak, either positively or negatively, something is unleashed and made alive by our words. Our words are very powerful weapons of creation as they create an image within us that in turn creates a physical response within our body. When we speak of what we desire, our words create the energy that will transform our lives and vice versa.

Aging is a very beautiful part of our journey that some people may never get to experience as they have departed the world early. It is therefore a very expensive gift that we are still here.

Aging is a beautiful journey, and positive words can make it even more fulfilling. Learn how to use the right vocabulary to reshape and remould your life. #AgingGracefully #TransformativeWords Click To Tweet

However, it is very unfortunate that most of the words we hear around us about aging are very depressing, frustrating, and limiting, which will, in turn, affect our general well-being and happiness if we do not take control of our minds early enough.

To age gracefully, we must change how we talk to and about ourselves because our body absorbs every spoken word. What we say about ourselves creates and forms what we will experience in life.

To conclude, we need to start feeling positive by changing our vocabulary to include words of love that are full of creativity and positivity about ourselves and this will help reshape and remould us.