Fashion is about expressing your individuality, so don’t let your inner critic tell you that you are too old to wear a style if you truly love it.

Age has very little to do with personal style; what really matters is what you think about what you wear. Does a dress flatter your figure and make you feel pretty? Does it reflect your personality and make you feel powerful when you wear it? If the answer is yes, then wear it.

Self-confidence and attitude make up more than half of what it means to be a stylish woman. While looking your best certainly takes more effort, it becomes beneficial when you make it an everyday habit. Don’t save your pretty clothes just for special occasions.

Pushing for the best in your old age may take a little more effort, but you are doing it for yourself and that’s what makes it worthwhile.

Yes, age brings wrinkles and body changes. Nevertheless, we can harness self-confidence and body positivity no matter how old we are.

One easy step is to wear only clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Why dress up in things that don’t boost your self-appreciation? When you are dressing up make sure you focus on versatile pieces or clothes that can look both dressy and casual – one or two pieces that make a simple outfit special and can also make the difference in terms of how you carry yourself.

Clothing can be worn in different ways, so there’s always a way to style a piece to make it work for you regardless of how old you are.

A very good sense of style can inspire women of all ages.