There is a big misconception that women over the age of 50 are not interested in fashion or looking stylish and that they look frumpy.

Women over the age of 50 are often more fashionable than when they were younger, because they have more self-confidence and less things to worry about.

Even though you are fashionable than when you were younger, a woman over fifty should dress in a way that is ‘age-appropriate.’ When you try to dress up in styles that are more appropriate for someone much younger, you make yourself look older than you actually are.

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Don’t feel that you have to follow the trend, this is a big NO. You will look more stylish if you focus on classical dressing rather than going for the ‘total look’ you see all over the place.

There are various ways to convey style, health and status other than clothes. You will exude more confidence and class if your dressing is more conservative and classic.

Women over 50 are reinventing their lives in various ways, they are creating new concepts of what it means to be ‘responsible seniors.’ Part of this reinvention relates to fashion; we are always changing and updating different styles with trendy touches.

One of the main advantages of being over fifty years of age is that you’ve been through every kind of fashion trend during your life. Now as an older adult you have the freedom that comes from being able to choose the styles that are age-appropriate.